About Zebo:

Zebo is a product comparison engine, we use product data from some of the biggest and best stores in the UK to get you the best results possible. We are currently helping thousands of users a day find exactly what they need. We are continuously trying to grow our product database and add new features. If you have any suggestions please do contact us!


We launched Zebo September 2016 as a test, we wanted to see if there was any interest in a tool that compares product pricing, and we have had a great response so far. In January 2017, we launched Amazon on our platform, this had some great results for our users, with clicks to other platforms staying level whilst also sending traffic to Amazon. Meaning that our users were browsing multiple sites, just to try and find out the most information possible.

The Future:

We are planning to keep growing the platform, we want to provide our users with the most helpful experience possible, we want to provide handy hints, such as our “did you know” section. We are looking at expanding into buyers guides, product reviews and product feature comparisons.

Who We Are:

Zebo is a part of Overwork, Zebo was the first project that we launched, after the great amount of growth Zebo has shown, we’re dedicated to trying to offer more to our users, be it through some of the educational sites we operate or through product comparison sites like Zebo or Pacham. We are always on the look out for new ideas and projects to work on.

Want More Of An Insight?:

We keep our stats and do progress reports of Zebo. You can see our latest reports here: Overwork On launching this site, we also did an article for SEO Chat: SEOChat
  • What is Zebo?

    Zebo is a product search engine. We get product lists from the largest online shops in the world.

    We make searching for what you need easy